Quinty Sears *A Divine Gift

She’s strong, fearless, radiant and gifted…

Lady Quinty Sears is the Founder & Senior Pastor of Prophetic Kingdom Encounter Ministries (PKEM) in beautiful Freeport, Bahamas. She’s been serving faithfully in ministry for over 16 years under Quinty Sears Ministry International and as Senior Pastor for 12 years of PKEM. This outstanding leader has embraced the call of God on her life to preach the gospel of Jesus *The Christ and prophecy. Her prophetic ministry has emerged throughout the islands of the Bahamas and internationally.

Pastors Sears passion for helping families in need has taken to the streets of Freeport in every aspect, from providing groceries to bill assistance and counseling just to name a few. Single mothers, homeless families and the elderly have been blessed by the ministry of Pastor Sears, because she understands the need/cry for help is not for self glorification, but for the glory of the Lord.


This beautiful fun-loving mother has “a thing for gucci” yes!!!! she LOVESSSSS GUCCI. In all her boldness she turned into a little girl inside, (lol) she was excited and nervous all at once. So here’s the *thing…. It’s time to pose and her first words (while laughing) were “so what I suppose to do?” We all laughed, AND THEN THIS HAPPENED…

Gucci Pumps & Belt *She’s BOLD

The most casual and elegant pose captured her love for gucci.

After that she was free!!! clicks upon clicks capturing this beautiful lady.

There’s always a blooper image that captures the real spirit of a person, we wanted you to see the real woman behind the microphone…

You just met the Real Quinty Sears– The Pastor, Prophetess, Mother & Friend

Here’s to a strong, fearless and radiant woman of God. A woman who honors the Lord deserves to be praised.

We enjoyed every moment of capturing one of God’s Masterpiece *Quinty Sears.


Photography Venue:

Baha Mar Resort- Cable Beach, New Providence Bahamas

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  1. I’m in aww. This is incredibly fascinating. Humbled is a understatement to what feeling right now.

    Thank you Cheryl Knowles

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